Live This Life On Purpose

Paula Williams, Certified Integral Coach

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Paula challenged me to lean into difficulty as an integral part of a vibrant life.--Andrea C., Minneapolis, MN

Coaching Logistics


· No obligation call

There are many different styles of coaching, and many different kinds of people offering coaching services. I encourage people who are interested in coaching to give me a call so we can talk. This will give us both an opportunity to discover more about each other and get a better sense of how effective we might be in working together.


· Multiple-session coaching programs

In general, people initiate change in a short time. To refine and sustain change, however, often takes several months. On average, I work with clients from 6-9 months, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on how much support is needed. This process begins with a session devoted to learning as much as possible about all aspects of who you are. I use this informationto create a customized “Purpose and Outcome” proposal. Together we refine this proposal, clearly outlining the intentions for our work together. This detailed plan of action includes self-observations, books,exercises and practices designed especially for you. Many clients begin weekly or bi-weekly and then after 3-6 months transition to meeting every other week or once a month. Throughout our time together we will continually evaluate your progress and reassess the relevancy of our original goals adjusting them if necessary. The coaching process ends when you feel able to sustain the changes you desire in your life without my support.

· Single-session coaching conversations

Do you need the perspective of someone outside your situation? For those of you who need help getting your thoughts together around a particular issue, I offer single-session coaching conversations. Former clients often take advantage of these conversations after their longer coaching programs have ended. This option might also be good for those of you not ready to make a longer commitment, but feel that you would like to do something to make a start.

· Meeting procedure

Coaching is done at a time and location convenient to both you and me, in person and/or by telephone. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length.


· Classes

Occasionally, I offer classes that introduce the concepts and tools used in the coaching process. Request to be put on my email list.


· Workshops

Groups wanting to structure a workshop to fit their specific needs can contact me to make arrangements.

· Fees

Coaching fees are based on a sliding scale according to income. Please contact me for more information.


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